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Product Care

Product care:

1. How to care for carbon frame?

(1) Park or store the carbon frame in a manner that minimizes pressure on the frame tubing. Clamps and straps used in repair stands and bike crack composite tubing if tightened too much.

(2) Clean the frame regularly. Washing the bike keeps the protective surface paint clean while also allowing for the inspection of any cracks or fractures in the carbon. Washing the bike removes salt caused by sweat, which can have a corrosive effect on aluminum parts attached to the carbon frame.

(3) Avoid leaving the carbon bike in excessively hot temperatures, such as might be found inside a parked car on a summer day. Too much heat can weaken the carbon composite material.

(4) Study the owner’s manual to lean the bicycle’s various recommended torque values. Overtightening of bolts can crush delicate carbon fibers and cause the bike to crack. Along with proper torque values, a torque wrench can be used to ensure proper tightening procedures.

2. How to care for carbon wheel/rims?

(1) Always use carbon brake pads when using full carbon wheels;

(2) Do not forget to change your carbon brake pads when you’re going to ride with wheels with a brake surface other than carbon;

(3) Pre-ride inspection. Before each ride, inspect your brake pads to confirm they are free of debris, not glazed over, not worn beyond the wear indicator;

(4) Before each ride, inspect your rims’ braking surface to confirm they are free from bulges, chips, cracks, debris. Debris from the brake surface might get stuck in the carbon brake pads which will result in unrepairable damage to your full carbon rim.

(5) Clean the wheel/rims regularly. The rims can be cleaned with a clean rag and mild degreaser. You can also use Acetone or Isopropyl Alcohol. We suggest you to wear safely glasses and rubber gloves. And it’s recommened to clean your wheel/rim when the tires have been removed.

3. When you need to replace your carbon rims?

Here it's a good article, click link: "Do you need replace your carbon rims?"