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How to dry-clean your bike?

A clean bicycle makes your mind at ease, let you performs great in riding, and most importantly, it reduces the spoilage of the bicycle. If you are worried about the bottom bracket, head parts and hubs will easily get rust after washing, why not consider dry cleaning.

Lets begin from chain and guide wheel 

To avoid flogging a dead horse, we suggest check if the chain need to be replaced before doing cleaning. A overstretched chain will accelerate the wear and tear of the transmission system and decrease the pedaling efficiently. You’d better not to use kerosene or industrial degreaser, they will easily wash off the internal oil of the chain. A piece of clean lint-free cotton cloth and a bottle of bicycle specialized chain cleaner is the best choice.

We suggest cleaning the guide roller and crankset as weel during cleaning the chain, to avoid the dirt of guide roller and crankset may pollute the chain. And take care of your finger from scratched by the tooths while doing cleaning.

Next one, freewheel

Knock down the back wheel and spray the bicycle oil cleaner on the freewheel and cotton cloth. Kerosene is also not accepted here, it may damages the hubs. Stabilize the rear wheel vertically, cross the cloth through the gap of freewheel piece and pull back and forth. It is suggested to cut the cloth into strips, by which will increase the utilization rate and save cost. You may need a lot of cleaner and cloth straps if the freewheel is dirty.


Knock down the front and rear wheel and the accessories including stowatch, lamp and toolbag before start cleaning the frame. And pick off the the large particles foreign matters which stucked in the gap of the accessories, loose the gear to the lowest to relax the front derailleur, rear derailleur and chain. After completing the preparation, spray the dilute bicycle cleaner on the frame and thoroughly scrub and clean the surface, especially the backside of forkinside of rear triangle, bottom bracket, cramp and so on.

Be careful if there is eleectronic components such as Di2 and power meter in the bicycle.

Clean the rim, spokes and hubs in the same way, and don’t forget to check if there is any foreign matters before cleaning. And we suggest assemble the carbon fiber wheels after the wheels are completely dried, or it may causes abnormal sounds.

Give the chain some chain oil after all cleaning finished. The oftener the bicycle is cleaned, the better the accessories will perform. What’s more, the cost of repairing and replacing will also be lower.

Come and give a shower to your beloved bicycle.

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